Monday, May 14, 2007

Jazz Rule!

As a life long Jazz fan I am on cloud nine this morning after the Jazz dumped the the Golden State Warriors last night to take a 3-1 lead in their playoff series. Growing up in Arizona amongst all the stupid Suns fans grew a tight bond with the Jazz that will never die. All the national media and even the NBA seem to always want the Jazz to lose, buttheads. Screw the haters as my man Snoop Dogg would say. Watching Golden State play makes me very uneasy. Not because I think they will win the game, but because they play like it's their first time actually playing basketball. Perhaps it's that I've watched Jerry Sloan's teams for the past 20 years but I actually enjoy the discipline of an organized team, call me crazy. I knew it would be a matter of time before freakin' Nellie Ball caught up with G-State and the Jazz would take over, last night was that time. Baron and J-Rich, who I really do like, laid respective eggs and Boozer and D-Will finished the job. Now the Jazz come home tomorrow to wrap the series in 5 and await the Spurs. Hopefully the Suns beat up on them a bit to give the Jazz a rest.

Word to Eric Leckner, JJ Anderson, Jeff Wilkins, Rickey Green, Jerry Eaves, Scott Roth, Rich Kelley, Billy Pautlz, Blue Edwards, Dell Curry, Kent Benson and Kelly Tripucka!


Paco Belle said...

Amen brother. This is a fun team to watch...I love that they are so young. To the rest of the NBA, take note. These Jazz is for real!! Word to your Bobby Hansen and Mel "The Mealman" Turpin.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the Jazz that Aussie Rules team? And you know what they say about those Aussie Rules blokes!!!