Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here at law school, along with some friends here, I've adopted a new motto for life. When you are in trouble, when life gets you down, whenever you are faced with a tough decision, you now ask yourself, WWKLD?

My friends, what would Kenny Loggins Do? I'll tell you what you do, in any sitation. You grow a beard, you make a catchy hit for a movie, i.e. "Danger Zone" (the Highway to). My friends, you do those magically two steps life will work. Thank you Kenny, thank you for inspiring us to live a better dream, we love you! Now go and always think and remember Kenny Loggins. God Speed.


Paco Belle said...

WWKLD? I'm sure he would kick some serious ass no matter what came his way.

Paco Belle said...

Loggins rocks!