Friday, March 23, 2007

Berndt Boys

Generally it's a rule for me to not write and brag about my kids. Frankly people that never shut up about their kids drive me freaking nuts and I swore I'd never be "that" guy. However, I am proud of my three boys, very much so in fact, so here is my "that" guy blog for 2007.
Here are my three lads:

James is 6 and a mad Jr. Jazz basketball player

Trey is 3 and our resident male model. This is "Blue Steel."

(Show you? I shouldn't even been talking about it!)

Devin is a year old and the best behaved baby in the history of babies. Always happy, he flat out rules.

Hopefully this post will make my lovely wife happy too, she "claims" I have too many gross photos of this blog. I'm not sure she's looking at the right one, all class. All class. Word to your moms cause I came to drop bombs.

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stephanielynn said...

Cute kids! The "smokes" story is still my favorite.