Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Being Sick Sucks

Greetings once again people of the world, tis I Joshua. I, like the 765,000 other people in Salt Lake have been plagued by the flu as of late. Now I hate the flu and having a cold as much as the next guy but there is one thing I kinda like, hacking and blowing lougies. I know I know, Josh we've already heard about snot, but folks, when your life and body is filled with the stuff it's on your mind a lot. Hence the reason for this sweet ass invention I just discovered. "A Nasal Irrigation machine. " What an awesome idea. You see all the good ideas are gone, the Whoppee Cushion, Shoes, and a Nasal Irrigation machine.


LJL said...

Welcome back...we missed you. Where do you find this crap. I love it. Man...all the good inventions are taken.

Paco Belle said...

Amen. I feel like I need a damn firehose to help me out. Seriously, like 60% of SLC right now has this crap going around. I love walking around felling like I've been hit by a tractor-trailer. One of those feelings that you never grow tired of.