Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As I get older there are many disappointing things in life. One, my hair is indeed not coming back. Two, I am getting more and more hair in my ears, why? Three, I still get zits. And my topic of the day is the fourth, back hair.

Please understand I am not covered at all, I'm pretty tame a few here and there. And for some reason back hair loves moles. I'm sure there's plenty of back hair lovers out there and these gems are for you. Much love to the apes of the world!
P.S.--I wore two different shoes to work today.


Anonymous said...

Hey wow - that guy is so hot!!! Can I get his number?

Paco Belle said...

Damn dude.

JoshB. said...

I need to comment because my wife says everyone will think I am hairy. I'm not, but random hair does grow on this hulking, ripped bod--what ya gonna do? Word Now.