Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year Dufuseszz

So what it's been two months since those killer photos were posted. Our little clan has been to hell and back, twice even. I survived my finals in December despite the OKC Ice Storm of 2007. It was the wildest thing I have ever seen. Like living in an igloo but not as cool obviously because we all know igloos rule. We also spent our Christmas break in Arizona with family and friends. Not really relaxing but 70 degrees works for me. The trip to AZ took us 19 hours as well, another storm. In New Mexico is were it hit us good. Cars and U-Hauls all over the road. Pretty nasty. Hopefully the return trip is better. The boys landed a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, Heather landed some new earrings, and the Josh landed another layer of fat, for the winter of course. All in all 2007 was a good year for us. School hopefully will get better and over with soon! No go, and read some books!


marsh said...

I can relate to your new layer of fat my brotha--always good to hear what's going on in my boy's world. have fun in OK-just went to the fiesta bowl and my sooners were upset....freakin' west virginia-

Paco Belle said...

I was beginning to think you had forgotten ye ole' blog. I have been running on Berndt-Empty now for a couple of weeks. I'm glad to hear that you...err I mean the boys got a Wii. Pretty freaking sweet man. Tell Heather and the boys yello from the Duellzezz. Later!

K. Marie Criddle said...

What do you mean not really relaxing? Did my game of "All Children Under the Age of Five Attack Josh On My Command" (ACUTAOFAJOMC) not relax you?

Well, I guess I know better now.