Friday, January 11, 2008


This video is posted by request from a peep. Word KMK! But in all seriousness, this little clip is simply awesome. I had tears just thinking about it after I watched it. To all the huge dorks in this country we salute you. Wow there's a lot of nerds, I mean wow. But I'm sure some day they will kiss a girl other than their mother, keep hope alive . . . and now Leeeeeroy Jenkins!!!


Paco Belle said...

These guys are all weaksauce. My lv. 89 Battle Samurai with 12,000 mana points and the Honto Ni Shinjirarenai Abunai Masamune Katana Sword could take them down. Not to mention my inventory of all 4 Elemental Magic Tomes, Shield of the Elven Mage and Helmet of the Dwarven Guild nobody can stop me. I'm freaking the GOD of World of Warcraft!! Awesome video man, I can't stop laughing.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Number of times I've mussed myself while watching this:

Approximately 33.3 times. Repeating, of course.


stephanielynn said...

That is fantastic! Where do you get that divine intervention stuff?