Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Urinal Curlies

Interesting first post yes, humorous no! The crime against urinal curlies must stop. How many of us guys want to see other guys curlies suspended on various urinals? None me thinks. Maybe one or two wackos but I for one am tired of them. I am also tired of guys taking a whiz and not flushing. Seriously what the hell? Why? Like the guy behind you in line wants to sniff your "apple juice." There's plenty of these wieners at my work that love to not flush. Is the handle too dirty? Grow a pair Alice and use your sleeve. So that's where this blog begins. Nobody knows where it will go next. Wait . . . did you hear about the magic fart on an airplane that forced it to the ground? Find the article on-line and have a read. Who knew that farts can fight terrorism? Thank you sweet gas, thank you for your fragrance to thwart terrorism.


Cambo said...

Hilarious...I think I'm the first to post a comment.

Paco Belle said...

Amen to that...thebest is when there is one of those little trap/plastic net dealies with a urinal cake. Seriously, I think I would rather have a nasty ass, stinky as crap urinal that has an open drain, than a fresh semi-clean one that has enough hair in it to make a wig. I'm not only a member, I'm the President...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.