Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Verp

The Verp. Some call it gross, others an annoyance, I call it art. Art that sometimes stings your throat. I ate a delightful meal at an Italian establishment (until they pay me I ain't given no free ad placement). Ok so I was at Fazolis with the Fab 3 enjoying a Classic Sampler. Anywho, about three hours later as our meeting back at the Office comes to end my Classic Sampler decides to join us, ah but just a sample of the sampler. A Verp, half vomit/half burp. I feel that verps are a tad underrated. I mean how often do you get two meals for the price of one? It's like getting a main course desert how sweet is that? Unfortunately for those near by a verp, not participating in it, may not enjoy it as you the verpee will. You see verps tend to smell. Mine today smelled and tasted like Heaven. So therefore, I must be an angel. Good night now.

1 comment:

LJL said... kill me. Lucky for me I was there when you had your "verp" and you are is not as fun for those around you!